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It's so painful to me .
Monday, May 27, 2013 • 9:16 AM • 0 comments

dengar lagu ,baca translation .so sad .wanna feel to crying .goodbye my MR. PELAT R .i will be gone from your life forever .it's so hurt but i must to do that .for your happiness ,for my misery .thank you makes me happy untuk sekejap je. even you don't know it .

I used to not be able to watch scary movies
But now I can walk on the alleyway in front of my house by myself
The faint streetlight makes my eyes wet
Like my heart, I can’t see anything
“I love you, I miss you”
Only your voice lingers around my ears
Now I’m used to this same kind of love every day
“What are you doing? Did you eat?”
No one asks me those everyday questions anymore
I guess because it was you, you were curious about my everything
I guess now I finally came into your heart
I didn’t know back then that this was love
You used to say just hearing my name made you happy
You used to cry and laugh at just the sound of my breath
“I can’t ever forget you, I won’t ever forget you”
Only U Only U
I didn’t know what that meant when you were by my side
Why didn’t I know back then? Why didn’t I know?
When I am hurting like this now?
Only U Only U
You always looked at me warmly
Your smile, your image
I can’t ever see them again but
I’m still missing U
Just like always, like other breakups
It will hurt a little but it will pass
But not for you – I can’t express this
I keep pounding on my cruel heart
This suffocating feeling won’t go away
I can’t even take a sip of water
I feel so empty, I don’t feel like myself
I guess I’m nothing without you
I’m still the same as always
My head, my heart, my fourth finger
But most importantly, you’re not here
I don’t even have your number to ask you to come back
“Time heals all”
Even those words I want to hear so I wait
All you need to do is come back because everything else is the same
At least give me a chance to give you as much as I received
Only U Only U
I didn’t know what that meant when you were by my side
Why didn’t I know back then? Why didn’t I know?
When I am hurting like this now?
Just like how air feels so natural
I guess I didn’t know that you were by my side
I guess I was crazy, I guess I was really a fool
I just want to turn time back
I love you, I love you, I love you
Those words keep lingering in my heart
I know it’s too late, I know you’re gone
I’m regretting like this
Only U Only U
Now I finally realized your love
I’ll remember it, I’ll cherish it
Those times when you were by my side
I’m Still Missing U

Alhamdulillah Allah bawa awak kesini untuk berkenalan dengan saya . Terima kasih ☺
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